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The American Independence Day carries such an important message that even in the Hymn to Liberty by Dionysios Solomos, which is the Greek National Anthem, there is a reference to the “heartfelt joy of Washington’s land” that “remembered the irons that bound it as well”.

Γκαρδιακά χαροποιήθη
Και του Βάσιγκτον η γη,
Και τα σίδερα ενθυμήθη
Που την έδεναν κι αυτή.

Little is ever said, however, about the culinary history that accompanies the Founding Fathers. Thomas Jefferson, in particular, is on the list of people who changed the way American people eat.
Here you can find some recipes from the Presidents’ Kitchen to help you celebrate Independence Day in the appropriate fashion.

Happy 4th of July!

Food for thought

I can’t help thinking how differently the American Revolution would be viewed today. History is always written by the winners and we take a lot of things for granted as a result. But something tells me that if this were to happen today, the opposing propaganda would look like this:

American Revolution as it would be seen today